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Things To Know About Oral Piercings

Teens make choices that can have a lifetime of consequences. Oral piercings may “look cool” as a form of expression, but they have serious risks:

  • Infection, pain and swelling: Your mouth is home to huge amounts of bacteria, and an ideal place for infection, which can become life threatening if not treated promptly. It’s also possible for a piercing to cause your tongue to swell, potentially blocking your airway.
  • Damage to teeth and gums: We frequently see cracked teeth and fillings due to biting down on piercings, and gums can weaken as people play with their piercing. Tooth loss from piercings is a real concern.
  • Nerve damage: After a piercing, most nerve damage ...

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4 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

You want your teeth to last a lifetime, but healthy teeth don’t happen by accident. That’s why at Kalaheo Dental Group, we recommend starting with good oral health habits young. The following four tips can help provide your child with dental success for the rest of their life.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

The bristle in your toothbrush can damage your enamel if it’s too hard. Children especially may put too much pressure with their strokes, so invest in a soft, comfortable toothbrush. Be sure that the toothbrush fits comfortably in your child’s mouth and switch it out every six months or after an illness. 

Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoridated toothpaste prevents cavities and cleans teeth ...

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Are you at risk for oral cancer?

person smoking cigarette I Kalaheo Dental Group

At Kalaheo Dental Group, we speak often about the link between oral health and overall health. This is especially relevant when talking about oral cancer. According to the American Dental Association, “Approximately 51,540 people will be diagnosed with cancers of the mouth, throat, tonsils, and tongue this year.” Here are the top 5 risk factors:

  1. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease, is associated with around 9,000 cases of head and neck cancer (especially at the back of the tongue, in or around the tonsils) each year in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
  2. Being a man, because men are twice as likely as women to get oral ...

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Dental Cleanings: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Next Appointment

Dental Cleanings | Kalaheo, HI | Kalaheo Dental Group

Is it time for your next dental cleaning, but you just can’t find time in your day to schedule an appointment? Are you tempted to skip the cleaning because your teeth don’t hurt and you brush and floss well anyway?

New patients at our Kalaheo dental office sometimes think that these six-month exams and dental cleanings aren’t necessary, but that’s not the case. And if you skip too many of these appointments, you may develop oral health problems that can cause discomfort and lead to the need for further treatment.

Why Preventive Dental Cleanings Are Essential

The American Dental Association recommends preventive cleaning appointments every six months for a reason. When ...

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Getting a Dental Cleaning? 4 Questions Worth Asking

Questions to ask for a Dental Cleaning | Kalaheo, HI

Your routine dental cleanings in Kalaheo support your oral hygiene efforts and are an essential part of keeping your family’s smiles healthy.

But you should also view these appointments as an opportunity to talk to your dental hygienist about your oral hygiene routine and see if there’s room for improvement. 

Before your next dental cleaning, consider asking these four basic questions as well as any of your own. Your hygienist is the expert in oral hygiene, so Don’t ever hesitate to let them know what’s on your mind! 

#1 Am I Brushing Properly?

If you already brush conscientiously, it’s a good idea to check in with your dental hygienist periodically to see how ...

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Discovering Your Tooth Replacement Options in Kalaheo, HI

Dental Implants | Kalaheo, HI | Kalaheo Dental Group

We Offer Solutions For Missing Teeth

If you are struggling with tooth loss and are searching for options to replace your natural teeth, our Kalaheo, HI dental office is excited to welcome you to our ohana.

At Kalaheo Dental Group, we work hard to help our patients feel at ease during difficult times. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to help you along your journey toward the smile of your dreams, and we think of all our patients as part of our family. You may have questions about tooth replacement in the Kalaheo area, and Drs. Lutwin, Quade, and Rita are devoted to helping you make the right choice ...

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