Porcelain Veneers in Kalaheo, HI

We believe all smiles are beautiful by nature. But we know cosmetic dental flaws may make you feel self-conscious enough to want to hide your smile. 

Here at Kalaheo Dental Group, we want you to love showing off your smile! We are pleased to offer natural-looking porcelain veneers that solve a multitude of cosmetic dental problems.

An important part of your initial consultation is learning what’s important to you. We start the process by asking two important questions – what would you like to change, and how can we help? It’s important for our doctors to know exactly what’s on your mind so they can provide you with recommendations and results that exceed your expectations. 

What Problems Do Veneers Fix?

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your tooth enamel to conceal cosmetic imperfections.

One of the things our patients love about porcelain veneers is that they’re versatile and can be used to address a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. A single veneer can be used to hide a small imperfection, or we can provide you with a full set of veneers for a beautiful, uniform smile. 

woman smiling while a hand is showing a veneer is in front of her face

We commonly use veneers to: 

  • Conceal chipped or broken teeth
  • Correct the appearance of uneven gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Cover teeth that are severely discolored and can’t be whitened
  • Hide minor tooth misalignment 
  • Build up a tooth for a more even appearance

As you can see, we use veneers in many ways. However, after our consultation, we may find that another solution is more appropriate for you. Our goal is to provide you with the treatment that meets all your unique needs.

What’s the Veneers Process Like?

If we decide that veneers are the best option for you, we start by carefully removing a small amount of existing tooth enamel. This allows enough room so that when your veneer is placed, it sits naturally along your gum line. 

Next, we take impressions of your teeth that will be used to create your customized veneer. We will send the impressions to a trusted dental lab and provide you with a temporary veneer to wear for about two weeks.

When we receive your new veneers, we’ll have you return to our office to have them placed on your teeth. Our doctors will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the veneers fit perfectly. We’ll then polish the veneer and send you on your way with a beautiful, refreshed smile!

Learn More about Our Custom Veneers

Are you interested in learning whether porcelain veneers are right for you? We would love the opportunity to welcome you to our office to discuss your needs and how we can help. Please call us at (808) 332-9445 so we can get started!