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3-Time World Champion Tandem Surfer Krystl Apeles' Invisalign Journey

January 15, 2020
Posted By: Kalaheo Dental Group

Join our patient, 3-time World Champion Tandem Surfer Krystl Apeles, on her Invisalign journey to straighten her teeth and enhance her beautiful smile. The process will take approximately 12 months, and she’ll provide us with updates along the way. Here’s what Krystl has to say as she begins the Invisalign process:

"My name is Krystl, and I’ve been going to Kalaheo Dental Group for almost 20 years. They always make me feel welcome, and I always leave with a bigger smile than I went in with. They equip me with all kinds of toothly knowledge, and they’re always ahead of the game with top-notch equipment and products. The all-natural herbal mouth rinse is my favorite.

With the New Year, I decided to get a head start on a healthier me. I had those oh-so-fun metal braces in high school and my top teeth have remained in pretty great shape. My bottom teeth...a different story. Since my bottom teeth have shifted, there's more plaque build-up and cavities and a potential crown in the near future. I even feel like my jaw bones get pressure because of it. Enough is enough! Teeth and gum health is so important, not just for your smile, but to avoid other health-related illnesses in the future. #lookitup #itsscience

I keep seeing the do-it-yourself teeth aligner ads pop up online... but SERIOUSLY there’s no way that is easy or effective. I’ve had braces before and I know that it takes a skilled team to do it right. I’m excited to share my journey with you to a healthier smile with Invisalign at Kalaheo Dental Group."

Be sure to check back for updates on Krystl's progress!

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