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Lost your insurance? We can help.

September 8, 2020
Posted By: Kalaheo Dental Group
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At Kalaheo Dental Group, you never have to sacrifice good dental care because of financial concerns. Here are some options:

  1. If you’ve lost insurance due to job loss and your former employer has over 20 employees, you may be eligible to keep your existing policy under the COBRA program, though you would generally pay your full premiums for this option. While full medical premiums under COBRA can be quite expensive, your dental premiums under COBRA may only require a small monthly fee. Your HR contact at work can provide you with more information.
  2. If you’re thinking about joining Hawaii’s Medicaid Quest program, it’s important to know that for adults, Quest only covers emergency treatments like extractions. It does not cover routine dentistry like cleanings, check-ups, cavity fillings, etc. As stated on its website.  Visit the Quest website for more information.
  3. Hawaii Dental Service, HDS, is expected to offer a Medicaid Quest Supplemental insurance program as of Jan. 1, 2021. Individuals on Quest may be able to purchase this supplement to make services beyond extractions more affordable. For more information, contact HDS at 1-844-379-4325.
  4. If you’re over age 65, or otherwise eligible for Medicare, you may purchase a supplemental dental insurance policy, such as Humana or HMSA’s Medicare supplement. We are told that HDS will be also be offering a supplemental dental insurance policy for Medicare recipients. Again, for more information, contact HDS at 1-844-379-4325.
  5. We’d also like to announce that for uninsured patients, Kalaheo Dental Group is also now offering a membership plan. With an annual membership fee of $300, members would be entitled to the following preventative services (valued at $527) and large discounts on almost all needed dental treatments. Call us to sign up at (808) 332-9445. Plan details are as follows:

           Included with yearly membership:

            -2 Regular Prophylactic Cleanings

            -2 Exams

            -1 Set of X-rays (Bitewings, Panoramic or Full Mouth Series)

            -2 Fluoride Treatments (for Children 0-18)


            -20% off almost any Dental Treatment*, including Custom Whitening Trays.

(*Does not apply to Invisalign, GLO whitening, or oral health products sold at Kalaheo Dental Group. Discounted fee applies to dental treatment provided at Kalaheo Dental Group only, and excludes any services performed by outside specialists who we may refer to. Membership and discount cannot be transferred, and unused services cannot be carried over to another year.)


Last, but perhaps most importantly, we want you to know that Kalaheo Dental Group is here to support you and your ohana’s health. We offer great care and service at a value. Our professional fees may already be significantly lower than other Kauai dental offices, and we work hard to keep them that way. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans including 0% financing options through Care Credit and our Easy Pay program. Your dental health is important, and deferring needed treatment can be both painful and even more costly in the long run. Our many options mean we can work with you to ger you the good care you need and deserve in a safe, convenient and affordable manner.

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We don’t ever want you and your ohana to go without dental care because of financial concerns. Kalaheo Dental Group has convenient payment options and is now offering our very own membership plan, a popular choice for individuals who do not have insurance, are self-employed or are senior citizens.  Contact us today for more information.