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Keiki Brushing App Review

May 7, 2020
Posted By: Kalaheo Dental Group
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We all know it can be a struggle to get those smallest members of our ‘ohana to brush their teeth! In this next series of videos, our hygienist Michelle will be reviewing and demonstrating four free brushing apps for keiki:

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Rated 4.7/5 stars in the App Store

The first app we'll review is the Philips Sonicare for Kids App. This is a great app for younger and old kids who enjoy more of a game-style feel. The downside is that unless you have the Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrush, some of the reward features are locked. Watch the video above for a great overview of its features. The links below provide information on the Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrush.

Sonicare for Kids Electric Toothbrush:

disney brushing timer app

Rated 4.2/5 stars in the App Store

For our second keiki brushing app review, we'll focus on the Disney Magic Timer app by Oral B. It's marketed as being "#1 downloaded app for kids ages 6 to 8" and you can tell they put a lot of energy into creating it. Some positives are that if you have keiki that love Disney characters, they'll be enthralled by the number of characters they can brush with, but the flipside to that, is beyond Mickey and Minnie Mouse and one new Star Wars character, you have to buy manual toothbrushes to gain those extra characters. The app will also limit your keiki on only brushing one time in the morning and one time in the afternoon/evening. Enjoy the video for a more in depth overview of the app and its features. You can click on the links below for the Oral B electric toothbrushes.

Oral B Kids Electric Toothbrush (ages 3+)

Oral B Junior Electric Toothbrush (ages 6+)

wiggles tooth brushing app

Rated 4.7/5 stars in the App Store

The third brushing app we will explore is Brush Teeth with the Wiggles. The Wiggles is an extremely popular keiki music group in Australia and its app features the band members, along with footage of keiki having fun brushing their own teeth. We would recommend this app for younger keiki who love music videos and live people, as opposed to fictional characters. It is the simplest of the apps in our review.

You can check The Wiggles YouTube channel out at the link below for more educational songs:

chomper chums app

Rated 5/5 stars in the App Store

The last brushing app we will review is Chomper Chums by United Concordia Dental, a dental insurance company. This is probably one of our favorite apps due to the ease of use and features. This app helps Keiki learn about choosing proper nutrition, correct brushing, flossing, and even rinsing with mouthwash! It also adapts overtime to keep challenging your keiki to make better choices. With four fun characters to choose from and so many features, it should keep all ages of users entertained.

Stay tuned for these fun and informative videos! Also, be sure to check out our other videos on homecare and especially our one pertaining to keiki homecare products!

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