Cosmetic Dentistry on Kauai

blonde woman smiling looking off in the distanceMany people have the idea that cosmetic dental treatments are a luxury that is beyond their reach. But today we have access to updated techniques and materials that make cosmetic treatments a possibility for just about anyone who desires a healthy, beautiful smile.

Every treatment performed by our Kalaheo Dental Group is designed to improve your oral health and enhance the beauty of your smile. There are many dental treatments that improve your appearance, but there’s really no clear line between cosmetic and restorative treatments. For example, crowns are used to protect and strengthen teeth, but they also improve your smile.

Achieving the smile of your dreams may be as simple as professional teeth whitening to remove stains and discoloration. Or it could involve combining treatments like bonding, tooth-colored fillings, and veneers for a complete smile transformation.

Understanding Your Needs

We begin your smile makeover by performing a thorough dental exam to detect any existing problems that might affect your treatment. Next, we’ll ask you a few questions to learn more about what’s important to you:

  • What do you (and don’t you) like about your smile?
  • Do you feel that chips, gaps, or cracked teeth detract from your appearance?
  • Are your teeth as white and bright you’d like them to be?
  • Do your teeth seem too large or too small in proportion to your facial features?

Kauai dentists Dr. Michael Lutwin, Dr. Kelliann Rita, and Dr. Robert Stebbins will consult with you to consider an overall approach for cosmetic enhancement and dental health. Working together, we’ll develop a treatment plan that fits your goals as well as your budget.  

Treatments we offer Kauai

Whether your cosmetic dental needs are straightforward or more complex, our experienced team will work with you to create a bright, healthy, confident smile. Some of the procedures you may benefit from are:

Teeth Whitening

If you’re noticing that your bright, white smile has faded over the years, professional teeth whitening can help.

We offer professional take-home teeth whitening kits that you use in the privacy of your home. Our kits include a custom whitening tray and professional strength whiteners that provide superior results to store-bought products.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin translucent shells of porcelain that are securely bonded to individual teeth. They beautify your smile by improving the shape and color of one or more of your teeth.

We use veneers to close gaps between your teeth, perfect the shape of small or misshapen teeth, or conceal severely stained teeth. If your teeth are beginning to show signs of wear, veneers can protect them from damage and restore their original look.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

By using the same material we use for bonding, we can create durable fillings that repair damage and look perfectly natural. In fact, tooth-colored fillings blend so well with your natural teeth that it’s hard to see that you’ve had any work done at all!

There are many more restorative treatments like crowns, bridges, and dental implants that can also be considered cosmetic since they improve your appearance. Once we’ve identified any underlying issues and learned more about your goals, we can help you choose the exact treatment that fits your needs perfectly.

Contact our Kalaheo office

There are so many exciting possibilities for improving your smile that there’s really no reason to live with a less-than-perfect smile. Take the first step today, and give your Kalaheo dentists a call to arrange a convenient appointment to discuss your needs.