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Night Guard Care

May 12, 2020
Posted By: Kalaheo Dental Group
image of a clear night guard

Here at Kalaheo Dental, we tend to get a lot of questions about caring for a custom night guard. The easy answer is: Keep it as simple as possible! Here is a simple list of "Do's" and "Do Not's" for night guard (NG) care and be sure to watch the instructional video for more information.


  • Brush and floss before inserting your NG
  • Clean your NG in the morning right after you take it out
  • Use an all-natural, dye-free soap or mouthwash (alcohol- free) and clean it with your hands
  • A soft or extra-soft toothbrush can be used, as needed, to help remove harder-to-clean buildup
  • Let your NG dry completely before putting it back in its storage case
  • Bring your NG into dental appointments to be inspected and cleaned in the ultrasonic
  • Clean your NG case often! The case is dishwasher safe (NOT the NG!)


  • Clean your NG with toothpaste (this can scratch the surface and allow more bacteria to trap)
  • Use denture cleaners or soak your NG in any solutions
  • Use hot water to rinse or clean your NG or let it set in the sun, this can deform its shape
  • Use alcohol-based mouthwashes as a cleaner, this can dry your NG out, increasing fractures
  • Expect your NG to last forever! It's meant to take the abuse of your clenching and/or grinding that would normally wear and fracture your teeth, so the same will happen to it over time. Its lifespan depends on your own personal habits.

If you have any other questions about night guards, their care, or clenching and grinding in general, feel free to give us a call here at Kalaheo Dental Group (808) 332-9445 and watch our other informational videos on those topics. Mahalo from our 'ohana to yours! If you need an appointment you can schedule with us online!

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