General Dentistry

From Dr. Michael Lutwin and our entire treatment team here at Kalaheo Dental Group, aloha! We’re excited to share a little bit about general dentistry with you and talk more about why we love being your family’s general dentist. 

Because our priority is to help you and every member of your ohana keep your teeth healthy for life, we believe that general dentistry plays a massive role in your journey toward a healthier smile. From the things you eat and drink each day to how often you visit your dentist, each lifestyle choice you make can impact your dental health. 

We value general and family dentistry in Kalaheo, which is why we want to help you in any way we can! We’re here to offer oral health tips, provide instruction on how to properly floss, help you make dietary changes, or simply schedule your next dental cleaning. You can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by calling our dental office at (808) 332-9445.

What does “general dentistry” mean?toothbrush with toothpaste

General dentistry is the term dentists use to describe basic, routine, and preventive dental services. When you visit your dentist in Kalaheo, HI for a six-month cleaning and exam, you’re participating in general dentistry. You can also find general dentistry in daily habits like brushing and flossing or when you receive necessary repairs on an injured tooth. 

At Kalaheo Dental Group, we recognize that general dentistry matters so much because it’s the best way to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other serious oral health problems. We place such an emphasis on preventive care, such as dental x-rays and fluoride rinses, because these practices are the key to fighting poor oral health.

Basic general dentistry services include:

  • Dental exams, performed by your Kauai dentist
  • Professional dental cleanings
  • Dental imaging and x-rays
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Mouthguard fittings/design
  • Minor restorative and cosmetic treatments, such as placing tooth crowns or administering professional teeth whitening

Dr. Michael Lutin and our other caring general dentists are currently accepting new patients if you are behind on your dental treatment or need to schedule a preventive appointment. Contact our dental office at any time, and we’ll be happy to get you on our calendar for a cleaning and exam!

Why should general dentistry matter to my ohana? 

family with two children and grandparentsAfter we lose our baby teeth during our late childhood years, we only get one set of permanent teeth to carry us through adulthood. 

The way you treat your teeth matters because they are yours for life. The best way to care for your teeth is through consistent, repetitive preventive treatments, which is where general dentistry comes in. 

You and every member of your family should visit your Koloa dentist at least every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association. Seeing the dentist twice a year is a good rule of thumb to live by, but some people will need to go more often if they have genetic predispositions to dental problems or are living with gum disease. Your treatment team can help you and your ohana decide how often is right for each of you. 

General dentistry matters because it’s the smartest way to keep your smile healthy—and maintaining good dental hygiene is easy to do! Taking a few minutes each day to properly clean your teeth and a few hours each year to attend your dental cleanings gives your smile a significant advantage. It reduces your odds of having expensive dental bills or painful oral health conditions down the road.

How should I choose a general dentist?

We recognize that even on our small island of Kauai, you still have many choices when it comes to selecting a general dentist for your treatment. And here at Kalaheo Dental Group, our goal is to provide the very best in family dentistry in Kalaheo.

We believe that you should always choose a dental practice that:

  • Cares about you and every member of your ohana
  • Can provide a variety of treatments you need, including cosmetic and restorative dentistry
  • Makes you feel relaxed and “at-home” when you come in for appointments
  • Will be open and honest when it comes to conversations about finances and the cost of treatment
  • Offers convenient dental appointments when you need them and can accommodate emergency visits as necessary

We currently have four family dentists and a large number of dental staff working here, which enables us to treat patients from Poipu, Koloa, Kalaheo, and beyond. Our treatment team members come from diverse backgrounds and interests, many choosing to live far from their family and hometowns to call beautiful Kauai home. We all care deeply about our island community, and our passion shines through whenever we treat our patients. 

If your ohana needs a new dentist and you think our practice may be a good fit, we encourage you to call us at (808) 332-9445 to speak with a friendly member of our treatment team.

What if I need a lot of dental work done?man smiling sitting in a dental chair

In a perfect world, your six-month cleanings and exams would be all the dental treatment you’d ever need. 

We would love it if none of our patients ever had to deal with tooth decay or pesky dental health challenges, but we also understand that general dentistry isn’t always enough to get a derailed smile back on track. If you’ve neglected your routine dental visits or have struggled with oral health problems in the past, we don’t want you to feel afraid to come to our dental office. We will always provide compassionate, judgment-free care, and do our best to help you get your smile up to the standards of where you want it to be. 

Whether you need a routine teeth cleaning, a mouth full of dental implants, or a cosmetic smile makeover, we have dental treatments for just about anything. Because we pride ourselves on offering family dentistry in Kalaheo, we do our best to provide the very best in modern dental care. Our treatments are efficient, successful, and minimally invasive, and they’ll help transform your teeth from unhealthy or unattractive to fully functional and beautiful. 

If you suspect you’ll either need or want extensive dentistry performed over the coming months or years, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our general dentists. That way, we can examine your mouth, take updated dental x-rays, and get a better feel for what your ideal treatment plan might look like.

Are there habits that can improve my oral health?

Yes! Keeping your smile healthy has never been easier, and as your dentist in Kalaheo, HI, we want to do everything we can to support your journey. 

The best things to do for your teeth are the habits you’ve learned about since you were a child: 

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Use a soft-bristled, non-abrasive toothbrush
  • Floss every 24 hours
  • Use mouthwash
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools
  • Wear a mouthguard while playing contact sports
  • Drink plenty of water, and limit your intake of sodas and juices
  • Eat a healthy, varied diet
  • Try to brush your teeth after every meal or snack, and always drink water between meals to wash away bacteria and food particles
  • Avoid cigarettes and all tobacco products 
  • Get treatment right away if you experience a broken tooth or dental emergency

By doing the “little things,” like making time for flossing and exposing your teeth to enamel-friendly foods and drinks, you’re more likely to keep your smile naturally healthy and avoid costly dental procedures later in life. 

Schedule a General Dentistry Visit With Us

If you and your ohana are ready to visit Kalaheo Dental Group for your next teeth cleanings, we’d love to have you! Give our Kauai general dentists a call today at (808) 332-9445, and we’ll help you schedule your upcoming dental appointments.