Family Dentistry on Kauai

Are you looking for a dentist who can take care of all the dental needs of your ohana? At Kalaheo Dental Group, we provide high-quality care for patients of all ages, from the youngest members of your family to the most senior. Our team is focused on providing the best preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry for every patient at every stage of life.

Dental care is important, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and intimidating. Our team believes that we can provide the best care for your family when you feel completely relaxed with us. Visits to the dentist can be stressful for some, but friendly faces and ample doses of humor go a long way toward putting you at ease and reducing your stress. For the best family dentists on Kauai, look no further than our team at Kalaheo Dental Group.Family Dentistry in Kalaheo, HI | Kalaheo Dental Group

How can your dental office help my family maintain healthy smiles?

Lots of people are apprehensive about dental visits, so it’s understandable that keeping up with oral health care may not seem like a high priority – until something goes wrong. Our goal is to help you manage your oral healthcare so that you never get to the “something goes wrong” stage. Preventive care, like regular dental cleanings and exams, is absolutely essential if you want your family to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

If you are a parent, you may be extra worried about your children developing their lifetime of healthy smiles. Finding gentle treatment for your child is important, and we're here to make sure their dental care gets off to a great start. We really enjoy working with our youngest patients, and the kids we see love that we explain things on their level and make visits fun. And when their appointment is finished, we'll let them choose their very own toy from our toy chest. What fun! We pride ourselves on being caring, compassionate family dentists in Kalaheo.

Every member of every family is different, and we know that you are unique and have specific needs and wants for your health. That is why we customize treatment based on your health and lifestyle. Whether you’re catching up with your dental care or just want to enjoy a healthier smile, we have the treatment you need. From fillings to root canals, we offer the treatments that will get your beautiful smile back on track.

Do you offer family dental care that fits my schedule?

You know how important it is to keep up with dental care. But between work, school, and other commitments, it may seem difficult to fit regular visits to the dentist into your schedule.

Well, we’re here to make life a little easier for you! At Kalaheo Dental Group, we schedule appointments that fit your family’s busy life. For your convenience, we’re happy to arrange group appointments so everyone in your family can be treated at the same time.

We also realize that sometimes dental treatment cannot be planned. Emergencies happen, and they rarely happen at convenient times. Dental emergencies need to be handled quickly. Of course, we want to relieve your discomfort, but prompt treatment can also make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. You can count on us to be there for you, and we’ll always do everything we can to see you as soon as possible – the same day, in most cases. If you have experienced dental trauma of any kind, call our dental office!

What services does your dental practice offer?

At Kalaheo Dental Group, we focus on providing routine dental services and treatments to our patients in Kauai. We specialize in preventative family dentistry and offer basic cosmetic and restorative treatments as well.

Common procedures and treatments offered by our office include teeth whitening, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, dental implants, routine dental cleanings, dental x-rays, fixed bridges, and dental crowns.

If you have a rare or complicated dental condition that requires specialty treatment, our dentists will refer you to an outside provider. For the majority of your routine dental needs, however, our team of experienced dental professionals can treat you right here at Kalaheo Dental Group.

How often should my family be seeing the dentist?

General and Family Dentistry | Kalaheo, HIAs a general rule, you and your family should visit our office every six months to have your teeth looked at, cleaned, and x-rayed. However, depending on your specific dentition and overall health, our Kalaheo team may determine you need to be seen more or less often than every six months. General dental treatment guidelines exist to help keep you on the right track, but we will always customize your appointments to suit your individual needs.

For example, some patients are genetically more prone to decay due to weaker enamel or a crowded mouth. Patients with these conditions may visit our Kalaheo, HI dental office every three or four months rather than every six. On the flip side, patients who have excellent dental hygiene habits and who historically have little-to-no tooth decay may not need imaging taken as frequently as the average patient. Our dentists and hygienists work with you to develop a plan that is right for your smile.

What if I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time?

Sometimes, patients who have not visited the dentist or had an exam in several years are nervous about visiting our dental office. We treat every patient as part of our own ohana, and we will never judge you or make you feel bad if you have not kept up on your regular dental appointments.

If it has been a while since your last dental appointment, we will make sure your first visit to Kalaheo Dental Group is comprehensive and thorough. You will receive a full-mouth exam from Dr. Lutwin, Dr. Quade, or Dr. Rita, and one of our caring hygienists will perform a detailed dental cleaning. Our dental office will also likely take updated x-rays of your mouth to add to your patient chart.

We believe in providing our Kalaheo dental patients with the highest quality family dental care available. Whether you were last seen by a dentist a year ago or even more than a decade ago, our family dentistry team will help you reclaim your confidence in your smile.

Call to Schedule Your Next Appointment

Kalaheo dentists Dr. Michael Lutwin, Dr. Ron Quade, and Dr. Kelliann Rita encourage you to share any questions you have about your dental health, so please call, and we’ll be happy to schedule a convenient appointment or consultation with one of our doctors. Bring us your dental concerns, and together we’ll talk about your needs, discuss your options, and develop a personalized plan for treatment.

Confused about what your insurance covers and what it doesn't? Our team is knowledgeable about dental insurance and will work with you to ensure that your family always gets the most out of your benefits. Attentive care ensures that your needs are met and that the outcome of your treatment always exceeds your expectations.

We look forward to welcoming you and your ohana! Aloha!