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Smile Gallery: Permanent Tooth Replacement (Dental Implants)

Making people both healthier and happier about their smiles is one of the best things about our job. Here are some patients before & after dental makeovers to show what Kalaheo Dental Group can do for your smile.

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Krystl Apeles
Krystl Apeles

"Kalaheo Dental is like finding the perfect wave and cruising down the line toward a healthier me,” said Kryst Apeles, three-time World Champion Tandem Surfer, who recently completed Invisalign treatment at Kalaheo Dental Group. Here’s her story:

"I had braces 15 years ago but my lower teeth shifted and I continued to have issues brought on by the misalignment ... the poor alignment was getting worse and putting me at risk for future periodontal disease. The thought of braces was brutal! After a quick 15-minute consultation at Kalaheo Dental with Dr. Lutwin, I was approved and on board for a healthier smile with Invisalign. Bye-bye, braces, and hello to the new discreet way to healthy, straighter teeth with Invisalign.

The Invisalign trays looked great and felt better than braces, they even felt better than my plastic retainers I had after my braces were removed. Yes, you wear the trays at all times other than when you’re eating, drinking (anything other than water), or brushing your teeth. I continued doing everything as usual, which included commercial photoshoots and dancing on stage at luaus.  No one could tell I had them on unless they talked to me up close. At the halfway point, I already noticed a clear difference in my bottom teeth and was in awe with the change in the underbite I had neglected for so long. 

The staff and Dr. Lutwin were always thorough in explaining each step of the procedure. After a little over a year, my new, straight smile and I were thrilled to graduate! 

Time to celebrate! Kalaheo Dental always finds a way to go above and beyond, and with every Invisalign graduate, they gift them whitening treatments. Hooray! Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?! This is a professional grade of whitening that works with the last tray of the Invisalign. I was amazed at how quickly it worked. In about a week, I felt like I had the smile of a teenager.

Kalaheo Dental is like a family that cares about the health of my teeth and the health of the community. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone but Dr. Lutwin and the entire team at Kalaheo Dental.”

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