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Dr. Michael Lutwin, DDS and Dr. Ron Quade, DDS

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Some of this wonderful patients adult teeth never developed and as a result, for years she still had an anterior baby tooth on one side and a space on the other side. The time had finally come for her to do something for herself and she asked Dr. Lutwin to help improve her smile. Though she may consider implants one day, after discussing many options, Dr. Lutwin helped her gain confidence in her smile in an affordable way by using cosmetic porcelain crowns and bridges to replace her missing teeth and make her smile one that she is now truly happy about.

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Kaira & Momi Kelekoma
Kaira & Momi Kelekoma

"Under the caring and professional staff of Kalaheo Dental Group, I used Invasalign® for two years and the results have been life-changing. The equipment and procedures were surprisingly easy and now, I can confidently show the world my smile! Thank you, Kalaheo Dental Group and Invisalign!”

-Kaira Kelekoma

"Kaira takes her dental hygiene very seriously and made it a priority to be committed to her Invisalign® treatment. Her dental experience with Kalaheo Dental Group has been very positive, she speaks highly about the comfort and friendliness of all staff members there. Thank you guys so much for the positive environment you all provide! Earlier this year, she saw Signe for her cleaning and mentioned she was inspired by her and may even want to become a hygienist!"

-Momi Kelekoma

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